Cleaning Your Grill

Taking Care of Your Grill

Barbecue and summer go hand in hand, but if you want to keep grilling throughout the summer months then taking care of your grill needs to be a priority.  The grill really isn’t a complicated piece of equipment but if you look after it, it will last for years.  Gas grills are fairly easy to clean but the charcoal grills are going to be a bit more work.  Let’s look at what you need to do to take care of your grill.

Tools You Will Need

Maintaining your grill really boils down to keeping it clean and protected so here are the tools you will need to keep it clean all season long.

  • Wire Brush
  • Steel Wool
  • Dish Soap
  • Baking Soda
  • Cooking Oil
  • Sponge

Cleaning Your Grill

After you have used your grill and you have shut the gas off and the grill is cooling down then you will use the wire brush to clean off any food debris.  Doing this on a regular basis keeps food residue from building up and making it impossible to clean later.  Get all of the food debris off of the rack, keeping these clean is important this is the part of the grill your food touches.  Once you have brushed off all of the burnt food then you want to wash them in hot soapy water and use the steel wool to remove any remaining food.  Rinse your grills well and make sure there is no soap left behind.  Here is a look at cleaning your grill.

The more that you put off cleaning your barbecue grill the harder it will be to get clean.  To keep your grill working properly you will want to take a couple of minutes and clean after every time you cook on it.  Failing to clean it regularly is the most common reasons that people have problems with their grills.  If you find that your grill isn’t working the way it should, give it a good clean before calling in a repair person.

Lastly, you will need to protect your grill from the weather.  There are tons of different grill covers that you can get at your local hardware store.  Once you have finished cleaning your grill then you can put the cover over it to protect it from the rain.  If you only use the grill seasonally and it is too cold in the winter to grill then you may want to move it to the garage, if not then make sure it is tightly covered for the winter season.

Which is Better, Gas or Charcoal?

Which is Better, Gas or Charcoal?

Summer is all about getting together with friends and family and enjoying a good barbecue.  Classic barbecue recipes, the smell of the grill and enjoying some great food with people you love make some of the best memories.  But, the endless debate comes up at every family barbecue no matter which part of the country you live in, which is better, gas or charcoal?  Let’s look at both and see which one will better suit your tastes.

Gas Grills

Gas grills are nothing if not convenient.  The grill is often made from stainless steel with a propane tank underneath.  It is extremely easy to use and clean up after you are done cooking is a breeze.  There is no ashes left behind to clean up and all you will need is some dish soap and a good barbecue scrub brush to clean up.  They heat up in just a couple of minutes and when you have a big, starving family to feed you’ll appreciate that.  You can also control the temperature by adjusting the amount of gas.  The downside, they are pricier to buy and you won’t want to lug them back and forth between home and the cottage.

Charcoal Grills

If you are over 30 or you have ever been camping then you have probably used a charcoal barbecue at some point in time.  You can buy the disposable ones at hardware for weekend camping trips.  Those kinds make cleanup easy as you just throw them out when you’re done.  However they are not the easiest to use and it can take ages before they are hot enough to cook on.   If you have the more durable permanent charcoal grill you will still have wait for it to heat up, you will spend a fair bit of time cleaning it and you can’t control the flame or the cooking temperature.  They are inexpensive and you can take them with you to the cottage easily.

At this point you’re probably wondering why anyone would ever bother to use a charcoal grill since it seems like far more trouble than they are worth.  The answer is simple…food just tastes better.  There is also a certain sentimentality attached to using an old fashioned barbecue reminding us of cookouts where the smell used to make your mouth water.

Now which one you choose is up to you, will you trade off the smell and taste for convenience?  The truth is, there is nothing stopping you from having both!